Introducing the New Community Blog

If you’ve made your way to this space, you’re very likely interested in the role that the federal government plays in funding programs, projects, and research for the benefit of the public.

You might be a prospective applicant looking to secure a government grant for an urban education program, or a few minutes away from clicking “Submit” on a grant application you’ve spent weeks (tirelessly) preparing.

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You might be a federal employee posting a grant opportunity for your agency. You’re interested in making sure the public knows about the funding available to them.

On the Community Blog, our goal is to make the federal grant process, and its myriad terms and phases, more accessible to you.

Serving up useful content
But a blog is only as good as its content, and content is only good if it benefits the reader.

This blog will feature content and resources that equip current and prospective members of the federal grant community with tools and information they need to do their jobs.

Posts on the Community Blog will…

  • Keep up with developments in federal grant policies, such as the Grants Oversight and New Efficiency (GONE) Act, which was signed into law on January 28, 2016
  • Equip users to take advantage of the system’s latest enhancements, such as Workspace, which makes collaborating on a federal grant application much easier
  • Highlight new funding opportunity announcements from federal agencies
  • Educate users about every phase of the federal grant lifecycle
  • Feature interviews with members of the PMO, as well as others in the federal grants community, who can provide insight about searching for, applying for, and managing a federal grant.

We’re excited about all the content that is to come. But what we’re most excited about is serving you.

Comment on this postWe would love to hear from you as we launch this blog. What kind of content do you hope to find here? Leave your ideas, suggestions, and comments below – and welcome to the neighborhood! Read our Comment and Privacy Policy.

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