Your Questions Answered: Building a Resource for the Federal Grant Community

“How do you bring together a community?”

This is the question we at set out to answer as we laid the foundation for this new Community Blog.

After all, there are a wide range of professionals whose daily responsibilities converge at the words “federal grants”. There are grantors, of course – federal employees at grant-making agencies. There are principle investigators and researchers at universities, program managers at nonprofit organizations, local government officials, small business owners, and consultants.

To bring this diverse community together, we set out to create a place to share resources, insights, and training for the federal grant lifecycle. Here’s some of the sharing we’ve begun:

  • Highlighted recent changes to federal grant policy with posts about the GONE Act and the DATA Act
  • Outlined some of the benefits of’s new Workspace feature
  • Launched the “What Is…?” blog series—a great starting point for first-time applicants
  • Launched the #FundingFriday series—a summary of recent government grants

Have you already found something here that is useful—to you or to someone you work with or serve? We hope so.

We also hope you will share with your colleagues the posts you find most beneficial. This is a great way to build and strengthen our shared community.

Like Tricia in the video above, there are many in our community who have questions about applying for federal grants and securing and managing an award. Together, let’s help to provide the answers.

If you have questions you’d like us to cover on this blog, please comment below or email us at