How to Create a Workspace and Start Your Grant Application

Previous posts have highlighted the benefits of using the Workspace feature and provided example cases that illustrate those benefits in real-world situations.

If you’re ready to give Workspace a try, the only thing that remains is to create a workspace for the funding opportunity for which you want to apply.

This video walks you through the process.

If you prefer a written set of instructions, we have included them below. You can also find these instructions – along with many other help articles – in the Online User Guide.

Please note that to create a workspace, a applicant must have the Manage Workspace role.

How to Create a Workspace

  1. Log in to your Applicant account and ensure you have the Manage Workspace role. Your roles are listed under the Role(s) heading on the Applicant Center page.

2. After logging in, search for the grant opportunity for which you want to create a workspace. Refer to the Search Grants help article for instructions on using the Search Grants tab.

3. Click the funding opportunity number link in the Funding Opportunity Number column. You will be taken to the View Grant Opportunity page.

4. Click the Package tab.

5. Ensure that the application package is compatible with Workspace. You should see a “Yes” in the Workspace Compatible column.

6. Click the Select Package link in the Actions column.

7. Enter your email address to subscribe to change notifications for the package, or select the option, “No, I do not wish to provide my email address.”

8. Click the Submit button.

9. Enter an Application Filing Name, such as “Department of Energy Federal Grant Application”.

10. Click the Create Workspace button. After creating a workspace, you will be taken to the Manage My Workspace page. At this point you can begin adding participants and completing forms, such as the SF-424.

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24 thoughts on “How to Create a Workspace and Start Your Grant Application

  1. I have submitted two applications (SF 424 R&R) via the Workspace for the first time for the Dec 4 deadline.
    I found it cumbersome to download/submit a Subawardee budget; I had to download a new Adobe Acrobat Reader (DC) and complete the process with aid from the HelpDesk. Apparently there is an issue when using Google Chrome as the browser.
    I also found that in some online forms after entering the information some items would change; e.g. entering the PD/PI and or key person there would be the word ‘Contract’ in the Middle Name block; the State abbreviation would show in the “county/parish” block not in the state block; when entering a new key person the system filled in the ARO’s phone # and email address.
    In another case I received an error message to select the ‘profile’ when I had already selected PD/PI.
    After uploading an attachment it was not possible to view the file, instead a new window opened up with the address starting with “blob:https://apply07…etc.”
    Such issues made the submission process edgy and lengthier than it’s been.


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