System Update: Release 15.2 Highlights Include New Grant Forecasts

Updated June 19, 2016: launched Release 15.2. The biggest addition coming to the system with this release is the grant forecast. The grant forecast is a projection by the grant-making agency of a funding opportunity that is likely to come later in the year. Release 15.2 IconGrant forecasts benefit both grantors and applicants:


By posting a forecast on, grantors can increase the views it receives and provide more time for applicants to prepare. Also, the data from the grant forecast pre-populates information grantors need to enter later on when publishing the official Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). If you currently publish forecasts through a separate system, you can be more efficient by using for both forecasts and FOAs.


Forecasts help applicants find out about opportunities sooner, providing more time for planning. This additional time to prepare the application and coordinate key partnerships may result in higher-quality applications. Applicants can locate forecasts through the search interface, RSS, XML extract, or email subscriptions.

Other highlights in Release 15.2 include:

  • The active grants XML extract has been updated to accommodate forecasts (Note: This only affects a small number of more technical users)
  • Updated landing page after logging in to improve load time and keep users up-to-date on grants-related news

For more detailed release information, check out the Releases page on

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14 thoughts on “System Update: Release 15.2 Highlights Include New Grant Forecasts

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  3. Can you please go back to showing the entire agency names and not acronyms in the postings? It is far more user-friendly.


    1. Thanks for your feedback, Miss Browning. If you place your mouse over the agency acronym, the help tip displays the full agency name or you can click the opportunity number for more details.


  4. I’m a non-profit 501(c)3 org. looking for grant to open a retail store to employee veterans. The veterans would have job training, service officer-claims. etc., Where can we fine funds or a grant. We have ran out of space. We need someone to let us use their building.


    1. Hi, please use the Search tool here:

      You can narrow your search by checking the following box under Eligibility: “Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education” This will generate only grant opportunities for nonprofits.

      You can also narrow the search by adding relevant keywords.


  5. Hi my name is Benito I am looking for a grant or program that can help me provide shelter for my children and family i am currently disabled i am being evicted from my rental home i have no vehicle and no source of income i am waiting to go to court on my disability case can you please guide me in the right direccion i live in Housto tx i have six wonderful kids thank you very much for you assistance…..p,s, Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


  6. Hello- i am seeking a grant to open a home for people with dementia. I am a nurse and I have 4 family members (3 aunts and one uncle) that have Huntingtons disease one in which lives with me and my husband. However i would like to get a group home started to house 8-10 people including the 4 of my familiy members. I am not seeking to make money but only to give those with forms of dementia a safe home and i would be the caregiver. I am their family and i want to be with my family when they transition each day and succumb to this disease.


  7. I am interest in a small business starter grant to open a beauty salon. Where would I look for assistance


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