6 Grants.gov Search Tips to Strengthen Your Federal Grant Application

Here are 6 tips for searching for federal government grants on Grants.gov:

1) Watch the Searching for Federal Grants video below for a refresher on using search functionality. It covers the core functionality and features (such as exporting search results or saving your search criteria to receive notifications) that may improve your search methodology.

2) If the grant looks interesting to you at first glance, read the eligibility section closely. You don’t want to spend time working on a grant application for which you are not actually eligible.

3) Search for grant forecasts to get a head start on applying for a grant. This is a recent addition to Grants.gov, so not all of the grant-making agencies use it yet. This tip may be particularly helpful for those of you looking for grants from HHS. In the meantime, you can also check out the individual agency websites to see if they publish grant forecasts (Note: Not all federal agencies publish grant forecasts).

4) Check “Archived” under the Opportunity Status heading to prepare for potential annual grants. By looking at when the archived funding opportunities were posted and closed, you can gain insight on the general time of year that a federal agency posts a grant you may be interested in.

Search archived grants

5) Look at USASpending.gov to find out who received a grant award in previous years. This process will take some digging. You may need to use the grant program title, CFDA number, agency name, and other information (check out their help resources here). In the process, you may gain some insight into what the federal agency is looking for as you prepare a grant application.

6) Create a saved search to receive notifications. Manually searching is always a good idea, but sometimes you just don’t have time. Sign up to receive email notifications here.

5 thoughts on “6 Grants.gov Search Tips to Strengthen Your Federal Grant Application

  1. I’ve paid USA funding to start applying for grants but i don’t have the money to keep doing this because i live on a low monthly fixed income and struggle!When applying most of them as for a fee afterwards and i don’t have it!Where is the help when you’re poor and trying to get some?I’ve been trying to win sweepstakes or anything for help.May God bless me one of these days before i pass away!!!


    1. You are never asked to give any money when receiving a grant from the United States Government. Please do not send any money to anyone promising to give you money whether it be for a sweepstakes, grant, or, any other type of monetary award. Best of luck and GOD BLESS YOU !


  2. I need help and the world is based on money that i don’t have!It would be a blessing to get any help that i can!I’m tired of struggling and worrying!I’m not computer literate and do not have the help i need!I’m poor and feel hopeless!


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