Infographic: How Federal Grant Application Forms Are Developed

The forms in your federal grant application take quite a journey before getting to your computer.

Every form requires input and coordination from four key stakeholders: the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the federal agency that posted the grant, the Federal Register, and

These stakeholders play different roles in the content and technical development of the form. And, start to finish, updating or creating a new grant application form can take up to nine months.

The following infographic depicts, at a high level, the grant form creation and renewal workflow. You can also access an HTML version of the graphic here. Federal Grants Forms Infographic

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: How Federal Grant Application Forms Are Developed

  1. we are seniors living in a HUD property. Are there any grants available to help us on a social/recreational level?


    1. Hi Jeanette, it depends on what you have in mind, the grant programs available from the federal grant-making agencies, and the eligibility for those programs. Here’s a link to HUD’s topic areas, which will link you to more information about HUD’s different programs:

      If you are looking for individual federal financial assistance, check out the Benefits Finder Tool on to find out if you’re eligible for any assistance:


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