5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Grant Fraud or Scams

While you search for grants or other financial assistance from the government, there are scam artists using sophisticated tricks to steal your money and personal information over the phone, through email, or physical mail. We have recently seen an increase in calls to our help desk from victims of fraud and scams. Here are five tips on how to protect yourself and your finances from scam artists.

1. Do not trust your caller ID, even if it says “Grants.gov.”

Scammers can use caller ID spoofing technology to make it appear that Grants.gov, or anyone else, is calling you. We will never call you and tell you to pay us in order to receive a grant nor will we ask you for your password even if you made the call.

2. Never give out your banking, financial, personal or other information over the phone or email to someone you do not know!

Even if the caller promises you a 5-figure grant for just $190, do not give them your information or money. They are trying to scam you.

3. You must apply for a grant before you receive a grant.

If you did not apply for a grant or other financial assistance, then you will not receive a grant from the U.S. government. Grants.gov does not make unsolicited calls or emails offering to give you money when you did not apply for it.

4. If the caller begins pressuring you for money, hang up.

Do not give in to the pressure, threats, or allure of quick money in exchange for personal information and/or money.

5. If the caller says you can pay with gift cards, hang up.

Do not buy someone a gift card in order to receive a grant. No legitimate grant-maker will require a gift card for the grant—this is clearly a scam.

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Grant Fraud or Scams

  1. HOW can I get a leagement Grant. AND not have to pay for it. I do need help with the rent at times, but I have already used the church and the roof inn for my rent this year. Where else can I get help other than from my friend s and family.


  2. I just got a call from Ibrahim Clark with American Recovery, he said I was picked for a free gov. grant of 8,300$ all I had to do was go buy a 250$ gift card at the grocery store or Walmart, then call him back to give him the numbers on the card


    1. The federal government will never charge a fee or require the purchase of gift cards in order to receive or apply for benefits or grants. Please go to Benefits.gov and select the Start Benefit Finder button to see if you are eligible for any federal financial assistance programs: https://www.benefits.gov/


  3. In my country, the grant is given to a specific people. They don’t make any call. Therefore, people won’t be tricked. And the people is taught not to trust the calling-guy, so, my country has very rare scams, grant fraud senario.


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