Video: How to Locate Federal Grant Forecasts on

The next time you search for federal grants on, check the Forecasted option under the Opportunity Status heading on the Search page. (See screenshot below.)

Forecasted opportunities

This will allow you to browse projected funding opportunities weeks or months before they are officially posted. The Forecast feature is a great way to get a head start on preparing your next application.

What will you find in a grant forecast? Among other information, the grant-making agency may list the following:

  • Expected Number of Awards
  • Award Ceiling
  • Award Floor
  • Estimated Synopsis Post Date
  • Estimated Application Due Date
  • Estimated Award Date
  • Estimated Project Start Date

Watch the above video to learn more about searching for federal grant forecasts.

Please keep in mind that forecasted opportunities may not be posted as planned, or at all, depending on a variety of factors.

Don’t see forecasts from your grant-making agency? Reach out to the agency’s point of contact and ask them to post forecasts on