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In May of this year, we launched the Community Blog from scratch.  Every week has brought new growth in article views and in blog subscribers. Many of you who are reading this post in your email have been with us from the beginning – thank you!

Over the last five months, we have published nearly 50 articles and fielded more than 100 comments and contact form submissions.

We have launched several blog series covering hot topics like eligibility and explaining key terms to help community newcomers get up to speed.

Nearly every week, we highlight new grant opportunities from across the United States Federal Government.

And, of course, we keep readers informed of the latest news relating to and the federal grant lifecycle, including policy updates on legislation, such as the DATA Act.

Help Us Continue to Grow

As you can see, there is a lot of great content that could be useful to friends and colleagues in your networks. Will you please share our blog with your contacts?

  • If you’re receiving this post as an email subscriber, please consider forwarding it to fellow grant experts and applicants.
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Your endorsement will help this blog and its community of readers grow even stronger!

Also, please feel free to tell us what we can do better: What are we not covering that you would like us to? What content do you want more of? What content do you find lacking or unhelpful?

Your feedback and suggestions can be posted below or submitted via the anonymous contact form.

No matter if you’re just joining us, or have read every blog post, thank you! We would appreciate your continued readership!

3 thoughts on “Share This Video and Help Us Grow the Community Blog

  1. People that are trying to live on a fixed income have a hard time with paying for their rent and utilities each month. They need more help and support for low income people. To pay for rent that is over $600.00a month is ridiculous amount. These people are on a fixed income of social security or a pension and if lucky maybe both, but many are not. My son is one of these people, and disabled. If I were to pass away, heaven forbid, he would not be able to keep a roof over his head or eat. Thank you for being there to listen and help us.


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