#FundingFriday: 5 Grants You Should Consider – AmeriCorps, Youth Homelessness, Museums, Research

Here are 5 great funding opportunities to participate in serving a community through grants. These grants include research along the Gulf Coast, support for museums, AmeriCorps community service, and efforts to end youth homelessness. The grant applications for these are due dates in the next few months, so you will want to get started soon!

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1. Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) – 2017 AmeriCorps State and National Grants

AmeriCorps grants are awarded to eligible organizations proposing to engage AmeriCorps members in evidence-based or evidence-informed interventions to strengthen communities. An AmeriCorps member is an individual who engages in community service through an approved national service position.

Upon successful completion of their service, members earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award from the National Service Trust that members can use to pay for higher education expenses or apply to qualified student loans.

2. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program

HUD will select up to 10 communities to participate in the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) to develop and execute a coordinated community approach to preventing and ending youth homelessness. Four of the 10 selected communities will be rural communities.

3. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) – Museum Grants for African American History and Culture

Museum Grants for African American History and Culture (AAHC) grants support projects that improve the operations, care of collections, and development of professional management at African American museums.

Eligible applicants include museums with a primary purpose and focus on African American life, art, history, and/or culture, encompassing: the period of slavery; the era of Reconstruction; the Harlem renaissance; the civil rights movement; and other periods of the African American diaspora. Museum applicants must also fulfill the IMLS general eligibility criteria for museums.

4. IMLS – Museums for America

Museums for America (MFA) grants support projects that strengthen the ability of an individual museum to serve its public. IMLS promotes the role of museums as essential partners in addressing the needs of their communities by leveraging their expertise, knowledge, physical space, technology, and other resources to identify and implement solutions.

IMLS welcomes applications for projects that empower museums to transform their roles in their communities from being community resources to being community catalysts.

5. Department of Treasury (TREAS) – RESTORE Act Centers of Excellence Research Grants Program

The Treasury is publishing multiple funding opportunity notices as part of the RESTORE Act. This announcement applies only to the Centers of Excellence Research Grants Program.

Funds may be used by those Centers of Excellence to conduct research on the Gulf Coast region in one of the disciplines in the funding opportunity announcement (FOA), which includes coastal fisheries and wildlife ecosystem research and monitoring in the Gulf Coast Region 2.

6 thoughts on “#FundingFriday: 5 Grants You Should Consider – AmeriCorps, Youth Homelessness, Museums, Research

  1. Where are the applications for grants by fed governmemt for senior disabled person for roof replacement.Recently been through bankruptcy, 76 years old. Supporting two families on food stamps and Medical and Social Security and small pention
    Never could get official grant application were Scams and wanted money for application.Example USA Grants ??
    I canceled ,wanted 29,99 fee


    1. Hi Eugene, we recommend that you complete the Benefits Finder tool on Benefits.gov to see if you are eligible for federal assistance: https://www.benefits.gov You should also ask your state and local government about other assistance programs you may be qualified for.


  2. I am trying to get out into a small place on my own. Our area has so many lots of I pot even a tiny house ( perfect size for me) I would feel some pride instead of being just a disabled welfare person. And not have to live in the slimy put together Section 8 houses. And maybe Beacon tribuna Channel 2 paying a little bit of taxes and being able to keep up something on my own and keep going. I work two jobs the whole time and that’s what put me on the rolls at disability so I’m a little bit ahead of most of the people who are stuck in Section 8 I’m grateful for our mat. I’m not looking for a freebie I’m looking 4A come up that can help me get into something that I can pay on and keep going and make something of for me and keep paying on thank you


  3. Hi I’m Steve hope I’m doing this right I’m 57 years old disabled I lost my home when I become disabled and moved in to my cabin it’s coming along I have water and a shower on the back deck my Outhouse recently burnt down and a small Oklahoma earthquake cracked my floor and Foundation TV advertised lawyers said I was too far from the epicenter for my floor called several government agencies in Cherokee County no help I’m not able to build another outhouse I can’t afford the lumber if I could I just really need an indoor bathroom it doesn’t need to be much just a shower and a toilet I have a wood heater that’s a huge issue with my disability also gas is available here but can’t afford stoves or anything to hook it up to for heat I have electric heaters but can’t afford to run them I’ve worked hard since I was 12 years old dunwell had full custody of my kids and put them through college before I came for come just about disabled is there any programs or any help available for me that you know of I don’t expect an answer right now due to the time thank you very much for your time and patience have a nice day


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