#GrantChat Highlights: Collaborating with You to Discuss Workspace

Many grant professionals shared a lot of insight, feedback, and ideas during last week’s #GrantChat on Twitter. Thank you for letting us participate in the grants community!

If you haven’t heard about #GrantChat, just go to Twitter and search using the hashtag “#grantchat”. To read the full conversation chronologically, here’s the full Storify of #GrantChat.

It went quickly and there were hundreds of tweets, so here’s just a few key points from the conversation.


Q2: Have you noticed any ways that the government making it easier to apply for federal grants?

The federal government recognizes that new grant applicants can find the process daunting & launched the Grants Learning Center in 2015. There are also iterative improvements to systems & online interfaces.

online forms graphic Yes, online HTML-based forms will be added to Workspace in February 2017. Applicants can choose to apply with individual PDF forms or edit the forms within your web browser. More details here.


Q3: What is this “Workspace” thing? #grantchat

Workspace is the new standard application method where applicants manage & submit applications. Check out the Workspace Overview page to learn more.


Q4: What do you think about Workspace so far? If you haven’t used it, what have you heard? #grantchat

We’ve received diverse feedback. Some people love it, especially the ability to reuse forms from past applications. But, others haven’t used it or ask for changes after trying it.


Q5: What challenges have your organizations faced in trying to apply for federal grants (with or without Workspace)? #grantchat

Grant pros shared a variety of challenges, including technical hiccups, team communication, tight deadlines, and complex application packages. The intent of Workspace is to simplify at least some of these.


There were so many more of your ideas and feedback that we could include in this post (e.g., more training, simpler account & role management, suggestive search). Look for them to appear in future system update and #ReplyAll blog postsNote: Follows, re-tweets & shares are not endorsements. Comment Policy and Privacy Notice.


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