Reply All: ‘What’s with the Grantor Image Tab in My Workspace?’

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Q: What does the Grantor Image tab do in Workspace?

Applicants who have access to the Grantor Image tab are able to preview their application package – including any attachments – just as the grant-making agency will see it when it is submitted. This service can provide peace of mind, ensuring that everything you have included in the application will be viewed optimally by the grantor.

As explained in the Grantor Image Tab help article in the Online User Guide, the Grantor Image feature works whether the application package is complete or you have just begun entering information in the package.

However, note that the Grantor Image is an optional service. If the grant-making agency has not made the feature available for your particular funding opportunity, the tab will not be viewable within your workspace.

The development team at is ready to work with the grantor in order to initiate the Grantor Image service for all of its grant opportunities.

To learn more about the Grantor Image tab, watch the “How Do I View the Grantor Image of My Application?” Quick Clicks video (embedded below).

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    1. Hi, what type of ticket number are you referring to? (Please do not post the actual number). If you submitted a grant application, then the agency is the federal agency that posted the funding opportunity you applied to.

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