#ReplyAll: ‘Can Workspace Catch My Mistakes?’

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Q: How smart is Workspace? Can it catch my mistakes?

A: Workspace is built to alert users to potential problems with their grant applications. If you miss a required field, for example, a message will list the overlooked field in a pop-up window when you click the application form’s Check for Errors button.

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If you fill out the SF-424 form before working on other forms in the application package, Workspace will populate certain other fields on other forms within the package. This will both save you time and help you avoid making a typo when re-typing data on multiple forms.

However, there are certain mistakes that Workspace will not be able to catch or remedy.

For example, if you mistype a number on your budget form, adding an extra digit to a spending category field (oops!), Workspace will not catch your mistake. (After all, Grants.gov doesn’t know your budget). So when applying with Workspace, it’s important that you still factor in the need for some good, old-fashioned proofreading.

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