Roles for Applying with Workspace #1: The Manage Workspace Role

Editor’s Note: To better explain how Workspace facilitates collaboration, this is the first in a series of articles that will use team-based examples to explain each role.

Applying for a federal grant in is now done using Workspace. One big benefit is easier collaboration with your team (no more need to email one, big PDF to one person at a time to fill out). To make this possible, there are different roles that enable functionality and manage access.

Perhaps the most important of these is the “Manage Workspace” role. A user with the Manage Workspace role is authorized to:

  • Create new workspaces
  • Manage other users’ access to their own workspaces

Managing a Workspace Team

The introduction of more roles to can present complications for users accustomed to a different workflow or system, so it might help to think of your team of applicants as a basketball team.

teamwork for user roles in workspace

The Manage Workspace role is like the point guard position on a basketball team. Point guards do a lot on the court, but their primary role is as an initiator and distributer.

The creation of a workspace is like the point guard initiating the process by bringing the ball up the court and calling a play.

As a distributer, the point guard looks to pass the ball to teammates first—putting them in a position to succeed – and score. Similarly, users with the Manage Workspace role adds other people to participate in their workspace and puts them into the position to succeed in completing the grant application forms. Find more detailed process and roles info here or continue reading.

Team Dynamics: The Manage Workspace Role & the Workspace Owner

  • After a user with the Manage Workspace role creates a workspace, they automatically become the “Workspace Owner”
  • The Workspace Owner designation helps people know who is “in charge” of that grant application in Workspace
  • This can be changed to another person with the Manage Workspace role

Our next post in the Workspace roles series will continue with the “Participant.” If you would like to learn more about the roles right now, though, watch the short video below or visit the Online User Guide.

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