Gift Cards for Grants? No, Thank You.

Know this: the Federal Government will never call you and promise you a grant in exchange for any form of payment, whether it’s a gift card, a small monthly payment, or a one-time fee.


Look out for scam artists who call and pose as government employees – including people who claim to work for

Some may even use a fake Facebook page in an attempt to convince you that they are legitimate. They are not legitimate; don’t give them your money.

Federal grants always serve a public purpose and are awarded at no cost to individuals and organizations who complete a lengthy application. You can search and apply for these grants on

If you are an individual seeking personal financial assistance from the U.S. Federal Government, visit and use the Benefits Finder tool to identify potential resources. These resources – if you are eligible – will not cost you a penny.

To learn more about avoiding grant scams, visit these resources: 5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Grant Fraud or Scams, Answers to Your Grant Fraud Questions, and Grant Fraud & Scams section of the Grants Learning Center

3 thoughts on “Gift Cards for Grants? No, Thank You.

  1. I was scammed about 2 week ago they got me for Itones cards about 450 dollors worth. I still have the ITones cards for proof that all i had my mind on was getting that grant money and getting caught up in life.
    My grant was 9,000 I put my rent money on it so i was pritty broke for one week


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