Roles for Applying with Workspace #2: Participants on the Team

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of articles that will use team-based examples to explain how Workspace facilitates collaboration using roles and access.

Applying for a federal grant can be a team effort, or it can be a solitary task, so’s Workspace is designed to work for the wide variety of federal grant applicants. Adding participants to a workspace is vital for those applying with a team.

teamwork for user roles in workspace

In each workspace, there is a “Participants” tab that lists all the people in your organization who can access and work on the forms in this application. A user with the Manage Workspace Role can add participants to each workspace.

Participating on a Workspace Team

If we think of each workspace participant as a basketball player, one team member may be a very good shooting guard while another is focused on rebounding and playing solid defense around the basket. Both people are key members of the same team and contribute to the team’s overall success.

Workspace participants are like these teammates because each participant: (1) is a member of the workspace team, (2) has different duties (i.e., filling out or reviewing forms), and (3) contributes to the overall success of the grant application.

Team Dynamics: Workspace Owner & Participants Together

  • The Workspace Owner is “in charge” of a workspace, adding or removing participants as necessary.
  • To be added to a workspace as a participant, you must have a account with that organization. You can log in and access a workspace once you are registered and added to the workspace by someone with the Manage Workspace role.
  • Participants are filling out forms, adding attachments, and doing the work of completing the application in the workspace. Participants have access to all the forms within each workspace they are a participant of.
  • The Workspace Owner is also considered a participant of that workspace—like participants, the Workspace Owner can access any form they want to in the Forms tab.

Our next post in the Workspace roles series will focus on the “Authorized Organization Representative (AOR).” Users with the AOR role are able to submit an application (kind of important), so subscribe to the blog to receive email notifications when the next post comes out.

To learn about all the roles right now, watch the short video below or visit the Online User Guide.

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