#FundingFriday: Federal Grants for Small Business, Community Development & More

Federal grant-making agencies continue to post new funding opportunities on Grants.gov. This week has brought over 60 new grants to the Search Grants tab in Grants.gov. Below are opportunities you should check out in the areas of agriculture, community development, reducing opioid addiction, and small business development.

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1) Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost Share Grant Program – Department of Agriculture (USDA)

The Forest Service is looking for innovative grant proposals for program development, study, and collaboration that will address strategies in the National Ten Year Urban Forestry Action Plan (2016-2026).

These should address the following priority issue in the National Ten Year Action Plan Research Needs: Planting, Inventory, and Analysis for Forest and Environmental Health. For more details, read the full funding opportunity announcement (FOA).


2) Portable Assistance Program – Small Business Administration (SBA)

Applicants will develop portable assistance programs to support the startup and sustainability of small business concerns in communities that are economically challenged as a result of a business or government facility downsizing or closing, resulting in the loss of jobs or small business instability.


3) Bank Enterprise Award Program Application – Department of the Treasury (Treasury)

The Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) supports FDIC-insured financial institutions around the country that are dedicated to financing and supporting community and economic development activities.

This program complements the community development activities of insured depository institutions (i.e., banks and thrifts) by providing monetary awards for increasing investments in CDFIs and for increasing qualified lending, investment, and service activities within economically distressed communities.


4) Search and Rescue Peer-to-Peer Opioids Prescriber Education Campaign – Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Opioids Action Plan provides concrete steps to help combat this national drug epidemic and reduce the impact of opioid abuse on American families and communities.

The funding provided through this cooperative agreement will allow FDA to maximize its support and investment of resources made to date by allowing the agency to continue its essential work on this initiative.

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  1. This is great to see. As a small business owner, I see companies struggling to get ahead of the curve from limited capital position. There seems to have been a recent surge of resources for small business owners, to procure financing and capital, which will stimulate growth in our economy. Thanks for the great read


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