Check for Errors before Submitting Application

Applicants who use Workspace to apply have several options for checking and validating the data they enter into application forms – before they even click Submit. To begin with, each form has a Check for Errors button and each Workspace has a Check Application button.

Some applicants also have access to the Preview Grantor Validation tab. When you use the validation, you can see the submission errors and warnings you would receive from the grant-making agency had you submitted your application package in its current state.

Note: This is a feature that must be enabled by the grant-making agency. For example, applicants to National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding opportunities can preview NIH validations from within the system because NIH has enabled the feature. Want your grant-making agency to provide access to the Preview Grantor Validation tab? Let them know!

If the Preview Grantor Validation feature is available, we strongly encourage applicants to take advantage of it. After the validation check, applicants should correct any errors and repeat the process until the grantor’s system has passed your application.

If you do not make these corrections, your application may be rejected by the grant-making agency even though it may pass validations.

Please remember, these features only check for “errors” in the sense that the data you have entered does not meet the form or application field requirements. These validations are not a qualitative assessment of your application nor does it mean your application was selected for an award.

How Do I Use the Preview Grantor Validation Feature?

Below is a video and here’s the online help instructions for the Preview Grantor Validation tab.

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