What Is a Grant Forecast?

Sunny with a slight chance of competition? Cold and gloomy thanks to freezing funds?

While federal grant applicants may at times face such varying climates, the grant forecasts we refer to here are previews of potential funding opportunities that a grant-making agency plans to announce in the future.

Applicants can search for grant forecasts just as they would for funding opportunities – by using Grants.gov Search.

How to Search for Grant Forecasts

By checking “Forecasted” under Opportunity Status, searches can be tailored to turn up forecasted opportunities.

Opportunities are “forecasted” when funds are not yet formally available and are pending budgetary and discretionary spending approvals and federal agency program decisions.

Grants.gov encourages agencies to publish their forecasts in Search; however, applicants may also find forecasted opportunities listed on the grant-making agency’s website.

For example, the Department of Education has posted its Fiscal Year 2017 forecasts here.

The Department of Education explains that the listing is “advisory only and is not an official application notice of the Department of Education. …Please keep in mind that the dates recorded in this document are SUBJECT TO CHANGE and that the average size/number of awards are ESTIMATES.”

To learn more about accessing forecasts published on Grants.gov, watch this video.

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