What Is an Online Form?

In the context of applying for federal grants, “forms” are those seemingly endless documents you must fill out to complete the application process. An “online” form or webform, then, is a digital version of these documents that is accessible and editable in a web browser.

There is nothing revolutionary about this concept, but we at Grants.gov have now made online forms available in Grants.gov Workspace to make the application process a bit easier for you and your team.

After you find a funding opportunity and create a workspace, you are ready to work on your application. To use online forms, simply click the “Webform” link in the Actions column. This will open an online form in your web browser.

If you are interested in this option but have questions about how your data is saved or want to also download a PDF version, we have more detailed information for you. For starters, check out this video tutorial.

After watching that video, go to the Fill Out Webforms help article in the online user guide for more details.

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