#ReplyAll: Using Video Tutorials to Learn How to Apply with Workspace

You may have seen the video below about the benefits of Workspace. One user who watched the video wrote to us recently and requested videos that explain how to use Workspace. The good news is they already exist!

We have created two video series that can assist applicants applying for federal grants using Workspace.

The Learning Workspace video series walks Grants.gov applicants through the entire Workspace application process: creating a workspace, adding participants, completing forms and submitting the final application. Two other videos in the series explain, at a high level, the Workspace workflow and the range of roles and access levels that can be used by a team of collaborators.

There is also a second video tutorial series, called Quick Clicks, that includes 30-60 second videos explaining specific actions inside a workspace.

For example, the video titled Quick Clicks: How Do I Access Online Forms? shows applicants how to navigate to and complete online forms, rather than downloading PDF forms.

The video Quick Clicks: How Do I Reassign Ownership of a Workspace?, meanwhile, walks users through the process of making a workspace Participant the Workspace Owner.

Click here for a complete list of video topics.

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5 thoughts on “#ReplyAll: Using Video Tutorials to Learn How to Apply with Workspace

  1. There is obviously some kind of hidden small print somewhere that I do not understand.Can someone please explain to me in laymen terms why it is such a HUGE process to apply for a government grant,when in fact every piece of information needed to be gathered on one particular individual can be done in practically a paragraph.Why a workshop?What am I missing here?What,will I get to the end of a long process to be offered some coupons and asked for a credit card number?I seriously could use a government grant.thank you.anxiously waiting for reply.


    1. Hi Adrian, thanks for the comment. Federal grants often support very complex projects, such as state infrastructure projects or researching brain disorders. These and others require a significant amount of planning, coordination, hard work, and monitoring to ensure federal funding is awarded and used appropriately and effectively. To learn more about this process, check out the Grants 101 section of the Grants Learning Center: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/learn-grants/grants-101.html


  2. Ps, I had received a phone call today in which I was eligible for a $6,000 Grant and all I needed to do was send in 3.91.that’s it huh? I don’t think so


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