Release 16.0 Is Live! Here’s What You Need to Know

The latest updates to the system bring significant improvements to Workspace to better accommodate our diverse group of applicants. Below are the essentials for this release and links to more detailed information.

Release 16.0 is now live

1) Workspace Owners may customize access to budget forms

2) Workspace Owners may add people from outside your organization to your Workspace using their existing account from another organization (see embedded video below)

3) Workspace now has a progress bar showing you what you have finished and the work still ahead of you

4) Consolidated the applicant menu (i.e., the left-navigation menu) to make it easier to find the functionality or info you need. Learn more about the Grant Applications section and Applicant Management section in the online user guide.

If you are interested in learning more about Release 16.0, go to our YouTube channel to see all of our updated video tutorials on how to find and apply for federal grants. You can also see the detailed release notes here.

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    1. Hi Brenda, please go to and complete the Benefits Finder tool to see if you are eligible for federal financial assistance for your education. You should also check your local and state government websites to see if they have any assistance available.


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