New Applicant Feature: How to Add Outside Users to a Workspace

Applicant teams sometimes bring on outside contributors and consultants to assist with their federal grant application. Until recently, these outside users needed to create a account for every applicant organization they assist – meaning that some users had to juggle dozens of separate accounts.

However, in June, eliminated this burden. Now, a single user account can be associated with workspaces across multiple organizations.

Watch this video to learn more about the arrival of this much-requested feature:

If you are a Workspace Owner, E-Business Point of Contact or an AOR (Authorized Organization Representative) with MPIN access, it’s actually very easy to add external participants to a workspace:

  • Go to the Participants tab and click on the Add By Username button.
  • In the pop-up window, type the external applicant’s username and click Search.
  • The window will expand to include the name, email address and form access level of the user to be added to the workspace. If you want to adjust the form access level, do so now.
  • Then click Save. The new user will now be listed alongside the other participants in the workspace.

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6 thoughts on “New Applicant Feature: How to Add Outside Users to a Workspace

  1. when applying for a grant is the person receiving the grant ever asked to pay a delivery fee to receive his or her loan at any time during the process of applying or receiving the grant


    1. No, there are no delivery fees or charges associated with receiving a federal grant from the U.S. government. Be skeptical of anyone claiming to be able to provide a government grant in exchange for a fee or payment.


  2. We are professional teachers in Uganda requesting for a financial assistance of US$ 15,000 to build nursery and primary classrooms in our community. More detailed info and photos are all available please.


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