Workspace: Fast, Easy to Use, and Secure

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For years, applicants have applied for federal grants by submitting a package of PDF forms.

But on Dec. 31, 2017, will officially retire the legacy PDF package as a method to apply for a federal grant. Why? There’s now a fast, easy, and secure alternative to apply for federal grants called Workspace. Workspace is an online environment optimized for applicants who are collaborating on an application.

Forms can either be completed online within a web browser or downloaded individually and uploaded to Workspace.

Applicants who have already made the switch say Workspace is saving them time and making the application process easier.

Browse our YouTube channel today and plan to use Workspace when applying for your next federal grant.

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61 thoughts on “ Workspace: Fast, Easy to Use, and Secure

  1. I am a teacher and a single parent. I am trying to obtain assistance with paying debt from student loans and credit cards.

    I would like to buy a home for me and my son but the programs I applied for keep denying me assistance due to me working two sometimes three jobs just to stay ahead of the bill collectors.

    If I cut back on trying to work just to meet the eligibility of income, I get behind in bills on my student loans and credit card debt. HELP please..


      1. I need to get the grant to have my old house torn down lam trying to give my mom some peace she wants to be by stepfather passed last year.l will be putting a custom built Mobile home next door here so I can be here if she needs me I will have my home besideher..could not get the gov.Grant to fix it up the last time grants were I haven’t been able to get any help because I didn’t live out there I tried to borrow money from bank but the House was in to bad of shape to get loan .im68 now and need to get on my feet.I hope I can get some help.ipay 400.00 every year on taxes its due again365


  2. Need money to pay bills. I’m on a fixed income and it gets harder and harder to keep up the quality of life I’m used to have


  3. Hi, I’m a 52 years old female with Multiple Sclerosis. I’m looking for a program that help disabled people to rent an apartment. A low income but decent, apartment. What can I do.


  4. I need help. To pay bills help my wife on them I’m on it fixed income and more Mary money she makes they take out of mine and it’s grants or truly free for American people I need a little help thank


  5. I needs help on my home, l wants to know do l have any Grant fund money up for Sharon Wade, who is 54 years old, and will be 55 on her birthday next Friday here is her name


  6. My. Name. Is. Robert. Henderson. Jr. I need. assistance. with. Past. Over. due. debt and I have. transportation. problems. I need. a. car and. I. would like. to. consider purchasing. a. home


  7. I have applied for grants for a total of five years and have not landed a single one; Who do you have working in your offices anyways? I’m educated , our business has been in proper standings these 5 years since incorporation. We are trying to do something for not only ourselves but our community! Why wont you let go of any of that federal money to people who need it instead of constantly lining the pockets of politicians and etc. I just don’t understand;

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  8. Hi i have been selected to recieve a grant just have to spend 200 dollars at walmart to activate is this how its usally done


  9. My name is Michael Fulgham, and I am interested in applying for a Grant. I am interested in agriculture and farming. I am willing to go back to school to learn how to be a farmer, learn about the 9 minerals needed to grow fruits and vegetables. I would like assistance, all the help that I can get.


    1. Hi Michael, if you are new to federal grants, we recommend you review the Grants Learning Center to get the basics about the federal grant lifecycle and grant eligibility:

      To find a grant, go to the Search Grants tab and search for a funding opportunity for which you are eligible and your organization’s mission aligns with the grant program:


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