#FundingFriday – Grants that Care for Children

Federal grants fund a variety of public-serving missions, which includes many ways to support all children’s education, health, and development. Below are funding opportunities posted this week that support these causes.

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1) Early Childhood Developmental Health System: Implementation in a High Need State – Department of Health and Human Services

The purpose of this Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) program is to fund a study focused on improving child health through a statewide system of early childhood developmental screenings and interventions.

This includes improving population level early childhood developmental health outcomes in a state with significant risk factors for poor child health status such as high rates of poverty among children under age 5, high rates of low birthweight infants, and low rates of early childhood developmental screenings.

2) Re-Competition of Global Network for Women’s and Children’s Health Research (UG1) – HHS

This National Institutes of Health funding opportunity announcement (FOA) invites applications from U.S. institutions to support Research Units (RUs) within the Global Network for Women’s and Children’s Health Research at NICHD.

RUs will consist of U.S.-based research centers applying in partnership with research centers in low income countries as defined by the World Bank. The RUs within the Global Network will participate in addressing the major causes of maternal, neonatal, infant, and early childhood morbidity and mortality through the conduct of clinical research.

3) Strengthening Quality of Malaria Diagnosis and Treatment in Ethiopia – U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Ethiopia USAID-Addis Ababa

The general objective of the activity is to improve the quality of malaria diagnosis and treatment services to 85% from baseline in project supported facilities. The specific project objectives are to:

  1. Strengthen partnerships and coordination at national and regional levels
  2. Strengthen and scale up quality assurance (QA) systems for malaria diagnosis and treatment
  3. Improve infrastructures (minor renovation) and human resource capacity for malaria diagnosis and case management
  4. Enhanced program learning and operational research to impact policy and programming related to malaria case management

4) Social Behavior Change – USAID Cambodia USAID-Phnom Penh

This grant will support the Cambodian people in seeking and receiving quality health and social services with decreased financial hardship through more sustainable systems. It will contribute to this purpose through achievement of a single Activity-level result: Improved health and child protection behaviors among Cambodians.

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  1. Faith Based Organization from South Sudan will the apply (Christian Action for Development & Support (CADS)


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