Join on #GrantChat Today at Noon!

There are lots of online resources available for those new to federal grants as well as for those that are more experienced. Community Blog and the #grantchat community on Twitter are focused on bringing those resources to you.

Today, has invited us to be a guest on their weekly #grantchat Twitter discussion. Here is a preview of today’s chat discussion topics:

  • Check in Question: What is your favorite good (or bad) grant pun? #grantchat
  • Q1 What are some examples of how federal #grantswork in your community or region? #grantchat
  • Q2 A Tweet to your younger self—what do you wish you knew about federal grants back then? #grantchat
  • Q3 What #grantwriting basics & tips do you most frequently have to explain to others? #grantchat
  • Q4 What does your dream federal grant newsletter look like (assuming you had time to read one)? #grantchat
  • Q5 How are you keeping up with the changes that the #DATAAct is bringing to federal funding and grant terminology? #grantchat
  • Q6 Have you ever reviewed the “Grants Learning Center”? Helpful or missing something? #grantchat
  • Q7 If Grantsgov had ______________, it would make my life so much easier [fill in the blank] #grantchat
  • Q8 Have you used the online webforms we launched in February? What do you think? #grantchat
  • Q9 Will you shed any tears when the PDF package is retired on Dec 31? What (if any) concerns do you have with this change? #grantchat
  • Q10 What’s coming up for in the near future? #grantchat #notreallyachatquestion 🙂

We look forward to chatting with you today at noon on Twitter @grantsdotgov!