Tips & Highlights from #GrantChat This Week

We had a great time talking with you all in the grants community on Twitter Tuesday. #GrantChat is a great way for grant professionals to connect, share resources, and discuss questions. We started by sharing a few bad grant puns and jokes, but also shared a number of resources:

Examples of how federal #GrantsWork in your community or region? #grantchat

A Tweet to your younger self—what do you wish you knew about federal grants back then? #grantchat

We agree! The federal grants lifecycle does include a lot of steps and moving parts, but you can handle it. To provide a gateway to the federal grants world and help new grant professionals get up to speed, we have the Grants Learning Center for you.

More Feedback & Questions

Great idea. We currently have a Grant Events page on the blog, which lists a variety of grant trainings and conferences. For some of these events, does provide training, and we’re hoping to provide more trainings in the future pending budgetary decisions.

This is a really important decision each organization must make before applying on To help you make this decision, we have a few resources that explain how Workspace roles work:

We also had quite a bit of fun as guest hosts on #grantchat! Join the grants community on Twitter soon.

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  1. If a grantor tell u to go to western union to deposit money for taxes to receive money is this a scam?


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