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This blog supports a growing community made up of applicants, grantors, and individuals who are exploring the world of federal grants – sometimes for the very first time. Here we share a few of the most recent questions and comments posed by community members and readers.

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Commenting on “It’s Going Away: The Legacy PDF Application Package Will Be Retired

“As a Grantor, what does this mean for the application packages that we download and process? Our software expects to see a zip file containing the SF424, attachments, manifest, etc. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.” –Kevin

Hi Kevin, Thanks for the question! Nothing will change on your end. You will still get the same zip file containing the SF424, attachments, manifest, etc. –


 Commenting on “It’s Going Away: The Legacy PDF Application Package Will Be Retired

“My only issue thus far with this system is that the PI [principal investigator] is not able to review the application as a whole, instead they have to do so by sections.” –Angela A.

Thanks for the feedback, Angela. Actually, as long as a person is added as a Workspace Participant, then they are able to review the application as a whole by clicking the Preview Application Forms button in the Forms tab. This displays a single PDF with all the mandatory and optional forms. –

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Commenting on “Funding Friday: Highlights from the 85+ Federal Grants Posted This Week

“I keep applying for a grant to start an art therapy community center. My neighbor good [sic] has riddled my community including my son who suffered an over dose 3years ago. I would like to open a resource center for counseling, art therapy, life skills training, decision-making skills and discovering your talent thru [sic] mentoring.” –Angela P.

Hi Angela, thanks for applying for federal grants. They are a lot of work in a highly competitive area. To help with your future applications, you may be interested in the Grant Writing Basics series on the blog, especially the one about finding a funding opportunity with mission alignment: The Grants Learning Center may also be helpful to review:  –


Commenting on “New Applicant Feature: How to Add Outside Users to a Workspace

“When applying for a grant is the person receiving the grant ever asked to pay a delivery fee to receive his or her loan at any time during the process of applying or receiving the grant?” –Katrina

No, there are no delivery fees or charges associated with receiving a federal grant from the U.S. government. Be skeptical of anyone claiming to be able to provide a government grant in exchange for a fee or payment. –

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