Updated Instructions for Grantors to Include in Funding Opportunity Announcements

If you have followed this blog for more than a week, you have heard about Grants.gov Workspace—the standard federal grants application method on Grants.gov.

Illustration of a federal building

For those of you federal grant managers out there, you also know how much work goes into developing and posting a funding opportunity announcement (FOA). In addition to all the programmatic and financial information and requirements, there are also the nuts-and-bolts how-to instructions to guide applicants in responding and applying for the grant.

Somewhere within those grant documents (or “application package” as it’s affectionately called within the system) is all the information and instructions (or links to the information) an applicant needs to know to apply for the grant.

To aid with this, Grants.gov recently updated the standard instructions that grant-making agencies may choose to include in their FOAs about Grants.gov. These instructions provide an overview of how to register and apply for grants, along with links to more detailed resources.

For you applicants out there: Be sure to follow the instructions in the FOA you are applying for—some agencies may customize them or use different instructions entirely.