Grant Agency Spotlight: Department of Health and Human Services

Nearly every week, 50 or more new grant opportunities are posted to by federal grant-making agencies. Each of these grants aims to support a specific government objective – such as protecting our parks, funding research and development, or strengthening underserved communities. This blog series spotlights federal grant-making agencies and the causes to which they are dedicated in service to the general public.

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What does the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) do?

HHS is the government champion for “enhancing and protecting the health and well-being of all Americans… by providing for effective health and human services and fostering advances in medicine, public health, and social services.”

The agency’s current budget “prioritizes core services and programs” and invests in:

  • Training and support of health care providers
  • Innovative biomedical research
  • Food and drug safety
  • Mental health services
  • Health care for American Indians and Alaska natives
  • Early childhood programs
  • Services for other vulnerable populations.

Thus, grant programs from HHS align with one or more of these aims. Click here to see the current open funding opportunities from HHS.


What’s an example of a grant recently awarded by HHS?

The agency’s Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) recently awarded a nearly $1 million grant to an assistant professor of nursing at the University of Wyoming’s Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing in Cheyenne.

The government funding will support HRSA’s ongoing Nurse Education Practice Quality and Retention Collaborative Practice-Behavioral Health Integration initiative.

According to a university press release, assistant professor Sarah Kooienga and several Cheyenne-based medical practitioners “will provide needed primary care clinical experiences for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students and other health care professional students” as part of a plan to “integrate behavioral health services into primary care.”

“Wyoming has a significant shortage of behavioral health providers,” reads the release. The hope is that Kooienga’s “model can be replicated across the state and potentially strengthen primary care and behavioral health care for all Wyoming residents.”


How much grant money does HHS award each year?

The best source for information about federal agency grant funding is A new version of the website is currently in beta and will be formally launched in the fall. The website allows users to segment agency spending data by funding type, geographical location and more.

According to, HHS has (as of July 31, 2017) awarded over $420 billion in grants in FY2017. The agency is the largest grant provider in the U.S. government.

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  1. We are looking for a Grant to increase our venture for the production of Natural Vegetables without chemicals for the betterment of our citizens health. We have already done this venture for about a year with very limited financial funding from other sources. The demand is high but the production is small hence this desire to apply for your Grants. Please let us know how to go about it. Hoping to read from your offices asap. Thanks. Rev. Taku-Ayuk Moses-CEO/Coordinator-Sustainable Vegetable Gardens-Houston TX.


    1. That depends on the grant program you are applying for and your type of organization (e.g., for-profit, non-governmental organization). Here are a few resources to learn more about how U.S. federal grants work:


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