7 Online User Guide Articles to Get You Started With Workspace

With the Legacy PDF retirement approaching, many Grants.gov users are reaching out with questions about how to submit their first application using Workspace.

A few users are not aware that Grants.gov has developed an Online User Guide that is always just a click away.

Grants.gov Help link

Simply use the Help link in the Grants.gov header. Or, when users are searching for grants or inside a workspace, they can access context-sensitive help articles by clicking any blue question mark icon (see example below).

Ready to Start but Need a Little Help?

Here, we have curated a list of key online help articles that will walk applicants through assigning roles to team members, creating a workspace, adding participants, completing forms, and submitting an application:

  1. How to Add or Remove Roles for a Specific User
  2. How to Create a Workspace
  3. How to Add Participants (Registered Grants.gov Users) to a Workspace
  4. How to Complete Webforms Within a Workspace
  5. How to Add an Attachment to a Webform
  6. How to Restrict Access to Budget Forms
  7. How to Submit an Application in Workspace

There are also scores of other help articles that can walk you through nearly every other conceivable action you might encounter when using Workspace.

The above links simply focus on the core actions and can help you get started on your application almost immediately.

Click here if you would prefer to fill out individual PDF forms instead of webforms. We also have the Grants.gov YouTube channel with training videos that can help you apply using Workspace.

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