Conference Q&A: Your Workspace Questions Answered, Part 2

In case you missed us, here’s Part 2 of the question and answer session we had at the at the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) Annual Conference. If you missed part 1 of the Conference Q&A, check out that blog post first.

If you have questions about Workspace, read this post and then go to the Online User Guide for more information.

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What kind of account is needed to access Workspace?

You need a account to access Workspace. Registration information here.

Does the system automatically save the data entered or do you have to save?

Yes, when you fill out online webforms in Workspace your data and attachments will be automatically saved every five minutes in order to minimize your loss of work should your web browser or computer experience problems. The data and attachments will be autosaved, but the workspace will not be updated until you click the Save button.

Find more information in the Fill Out Webforms help article and Completing Forms In a Workspace training video.

Can I preview my application?

Yes. Go to the Forms tab in Workspace, then click the Preview Application Forms button.

When clicked, this button opens a single PDF with all the mandatory and optional forms. The PDF is a preview of the workspace package in its current state. If you would like to distribute this file for review, click the Download button within the Preview Application window and share the file as appropriate for your organization.

To view a submitted workspace package, refer to the Details Tab help article. The Preview Application Forms button is activated for all participants who have access to all forms. (Note: Form access can be changed)

Find more information in the Forms Tab help article.

How does the form lock and unlock function work? What happens if two people are working on a form at the same time?

Workspace participants may lock individual forms from within the Forms tab of the Manage Workspace page. Locking a form prevents other users from updating the form while you are working on it or after you finished the final version of the form. If you download a form but will not complete and upload the form, then you should not lock it to allow other Workspace Participants to update the form.

If a user is filling out a webform and another user attempts to unlock the webform, the system will provide a warning message that you could override your colleagues work. Please consult with the user(s) who have locked the forms before completing this action. By overriding their locked forms, your action may disrupt pending development or upload processes.

Read the Lock Forms, Unlock Forms, and Override Locked Forms help articles to learn more about which users have access to overriding locks or other form functionality.

Lots of questions about roles.

Here are resources that explain how Workspace roles and access levels work:

  1. Workspace Roles and Access in Workspace page
  2. User Roles & Access Levels in Workspace training video
  3. Roles for Applying with Workspace Blog Series: Manage Workspace Role, Participants on the Team, Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) Role

ContactIf you have questions about Workspace, post a comment below. Comment Policy and Privacy Notice.  

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