Sticky Notes from the September Federal Demonstration Partnership Meeting

At the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) meeting in early September, the team had the chance to interact with users from all over the country. In our conversations with those of you who attended, we heard interesting and valuable feedback about the service that provides. We are grateful for your open and honest input about our system and look forward to hearing more.

Send us your feedback:

In two sessions, more than 50 attendees participated in a design thinking activity called the “Working Wall.” Using posters displayed around the room, attendees divided into small groups, grabbed some sticky notes and markers, and identified their pain points and areas of strength in their grant application process on

In addition to attendee responses confirming a few suspicions we had about how our users feel about, your responses provided insights into how we can optimize users’ experiences with both the website and the grant application process.

If you missed us at the FDP meeting or have suggestions for other meetings or conferences we should participate in, let us know in the comments or email us at! We want to hear from you.

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