Release 16.1 Preview: Funding Opportunity Subscriptions in Connect Tab

We heard your feedback, so Release 16.1 on November 20, 2017, will bring improvements to the funding opportunity and communications subscription process.

How? The new Connect tab will contain ways to subscribe to email updates and alerts. After logging in to your account, you can save custom search queries or subscribe to specific funding opportunity numbers.

Tired of receiving certain emails? Each subscription page allows you to easily turn off notifications you no longer want. The Unsubscribe page allows you to turn off all subscriptions by type. For example, if you were subscribed to 50 different funding opportunity numbers, you would unsubscribe from all 50 with a couple clicks.

If you need help managing your subscriptions, click the blue question mark icon in to access the pertinent help article in the Online User Guide.

Connect Center page. Click links after the Manage Subscriptions header.

Do you have questions about Release 16.1? Read the Release Notes or let us know by commenting on Twitter or below in the comments section. Comment Policy and Privacy Notice.

7 thoughts on “Release 16.1 Preview: Funding Opportunity Subscriptions in Connect Tab

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  2. Under the new 16.1 release how will a person registering for a new account be able to affiliate themselves with an organization?


    1. They will add a profile to their account. Profiles were added in Release 15.4 to improve user account management, and Release 16.1 is continuing that effort with registration. Below are a two links for more information. Also note, we will publish updated how-to instructions and videos when Release 16.1 goes live November 20th.


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  4. All I know is that the last daily listing of federal grant opportunities that I received was on Friday, 11/17/17, and I haven’t received a listing since. I have now registered in accordance with your e-mail from earlier today. However, I am not certain if I have taken the action necessary to begin getting the daily list of federal grant opportunities. I received another e-mail from you last week, in which you indicated that I would have to submit a DUNS number if I was not an “Applicant” or a “Grantor,” which i am not, but in the registration that i just completed, there was no request for a DUNS number. Please inform as to whether my registration today “qualifies” me to receive the federal grant listings on a daily basis, and, if not, what additional action I must take to get the list. (I am a consulting grantwriter who actively monitors federal grant notices for my clients. Over the years, I’ve been the lead writer on 89 federal grant proposals, of which 67 have been funded.)

    Mark Wurzbacher

    P.S. I can’t understand why you all are making in difficult for people to subscribe for the daily listing!

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    1. Hi Mark, with Release 16.1 on Nov. 20th, to improve and expand subscription management features, we had to move this within users’ accounts. We emailed all users with subscriptions, so you should have received an explanation of this, but here’s information from that email to answer your questions.

      Here is what you need to know about opportunity subscriptions moving forward:

      What changed with opportunity subscriptions?
      Users must now register in order to subscribe to funding opportunities and saved search queries. Previously, subscribers did not need an account in order to receive notifications about funding opportunities.

      Why is this a good thing?
      Users are now able to manage and edit subscriptions to opportunities and saved search queries. Previously, subscribers had no control over their subscriptions.

      I am no longer receiving my subscriptions to funding opportunities. What happened?
      If you are no longer receiving your opportunity subscriptions, you need to register an account so you can add and manage opportunity subscriptions and saved search queries, as discussed in this preview of the new subscription features.

      I’m not an applicant. Do I still need to register?
      Yes, registration is required to subscribe to opportunities and saved search queries. Here is the good news: We have made registering much easier. Listing a DUNS Number (or for individual applicants, a Funding Opportunity Number) is no longer required to create an account. Simply fill out the form on the Registration page and you are set. Later, if you would like to connect your account with an applicant organization, you can add an account profile and associate it with a DUNS Number.

      Register here:

      I was registered prior to November 18, but I am no longer receiving my saved search subscriptions.
      Saved search queries were not migrated to the new subscription management system. Simply re-create your saved search queries. Moving forward, you will be able to revise them or delete them at any time

      Let us know if you have any more questions.


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