Become a Workspace Wizard: How to Add Outside Collaborators

Federal grant applicants who work as a team sometimes need to collaborate with people who are not part of their organization.

It’s easy to add these external collaborators to a workspace as long as they have a account. You will just need their username.

Become a Workspace Wizard - Lesson 3: Add Outside Collaborators

How to Add a Participant by Username

In the Participants tab of your workspace, click the Add by Username button.

Manage Workspace page, click the Add By Username button

Enter the person’s username into the pop-up search field and click the Search button.

When you have located the desired user, confirm the name and email address of the user and specify a form access level.

Add Participant by Username pop-up window

Finally, click the Save button, then you will see that the user has been added to your workspace.

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