What Is a Funding Opportunity Announcement?

A Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is the publicly available document that contains all the official information (e.g., goals, deadline, eligibility, reporting) about a federal grant. An FOA is how a federal grant-making agency announces the availability of a grant, and it provides instructions on how to apply for that grant.

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What are some other key elements of an FOA?

The OMB Uniform Guidance for Grants defined the information that should appear in every FOA. Key elements from this guidance include:

Where Do I Find Funding Opportunity Announcements?

On Grants.gov. Go to the Search Grants tab, then use the keyword search or search criteria to find an FOA that might fit your mission. Federal agencies may also post FOAs on their websites, but Grants.gov provides a consolidated search for all the grant-making agencies.

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  2. Are the grants given irrespective of the sector the applicants are applying for? or are there specific sectors who are likely to get grants?


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