Workspace Webinar Video and Recap – What You Missed

For those who missed’s live webinars on applying with Workspace, here is the webinar recording, along with a summary of the common questions we heard from the grants community.

Common Questions and the Answers

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“Is there a way to limit submission of the application to one user? Concerned that other users may accidentally submit.”

Yes. Only users with the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) role who are added as a Workspace Participant may submit an application. If your organization used the “Expanded AOR” option for the AOR Access Level setting, then any user with the AOR role may submit any workspace, even if they are not added as a Workspace Participant.

For more information, check out the Workspace Roles page and the Manage Organization Profile help article.

“How do I register as a consultant so I can support my clients in workspace?”

Register an account on, then the applicant organization(s) can add you as a participant to their workspace. After Release 16.1 on November 20th, the registration process will be updated. Learn more here.

“Do I need to re-register with to use Workspace?”

No. You only need one account. Within one account, you can manage multiple profiles, if necessary. For more information, read the Manage Account help article.

“Is it possible to show how I can reuse a form from a previous submitted application? If I reuse a prior form and update it, then are those updates limited to the current application?”

One of the big benefits of Workspace is the time-saver of reusing forms. Watch this Quick Clicks video that walks you through reusing a form from a previous workspace.

To the second question: Yes, the updates made to the new form are contained there. Updates to a reused form do not retroactively alter or change the original form.

“Could you expand on how the Lock and Unlock functions work? What happens if a form is not locked and two people try to use a Webform or try to work on the same PDF at the same time?”

When a Workspace Participant clicks the Webform link to start working on an online form, Workspace automatically locks the form to that user. A different Workspace Participant cannot fill out a webform at the same time.

When two Workspace Participants work on an unlocked PDF form simultaneously, changes to form data will only be captured within the workspace once the PDF form is uploaded. So the last person to upload the form will overwrite the previous upload—Workspace will prompt you before this happens, of course. However, once a form is locked to a participant, any attempts to upload the form by another user will be blocked by the system.

For more information, read the Fill Out Webforms, Lock Forms, Unlock Forms, Override Locked Forms help articles

“If I want to just search for funding opportunities, and I do not have a account, will I still be able to view and download the Instructions and application package?”

Yes, the Preview Opportunity Package Details help article explains how. But, you will miss out on the ability to save searches and subscribe to funding opportunity announcements if you do not create a account. Learn more about enhancements to subscription management coming in the November 20th Release.

If you have questions about Workspace, email us at or comment below. If you are applying for a grant and need assistance, email Comment Policy and Privacy Notice.

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