#FundingFriday: Recent Funding Opportunity Announcements for Local Governments

This week’s highlights focus on new and forecasted funding opportunities for which town, city and county governments are eligible. These and hundreds of other recent federal grant announcements are published under Grants.gov’s Search tab.

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1. Department of the Interior, National Park Service – Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Repatriation Grants FY2018

Grant funds must be used for the transfer of control of Native American human remains and cultural items to lineal descendants, Indian tribes, and Native Hawaiian organizations. Repatriation includes disposition of culturally unidentifiable Native American human remains (CUI) according to 43 C.F.R. 10.11. Repatriation projects defray costs associated with the packaging, transportation, contamination removal, reburial, and storage of NAGPRA-related human remains and cultural items.


2. [Forecast] Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families – Street Outreach Program

The Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families’ Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) announces the availability of funds under the Street Outreach Program (SOP). SOP WORKS to increase young people’s personal safety, social and emotional well-being, self-sufficiency, and to help them build permanent connections with families, communities, schools, and other positive social networks. These services, which are provided in areas where street youth congregate, are designed to assist such youth in making healthy choices and to provide them access to shelter and services which include: outreach, gateway services, screening and assessment, harm reduction, access to emergency shelter, crisis stabilization, drop-in centers, which can be optional, and linkages/referrals to services. The award process for FY2018 SOP allows for annual awards over a three-year project period, as funds are available.


3. Department of Agriculture, Utilities Programs – Assistance to High Energy Cost Communities

The Rural Utilities Service (RUS), an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), announces the availability of up to $10 million in competitive grants to assist communities with extremely high energy costs. The grant funds may be used to acquire, construct, or improve energy generation, transmission, or distribution facilities serving communities where the average annual residential expenditure for home energy exceeds 275% of the national average. Eligible projects also include on-grid and off-grid renewable energy projects and the implementation of energy efficiency and energy conservation projects for eligible communities. Projects cannot be for the primary benefit of a single household or business. Grant funds may not be used for the preparation of the grant application, payment of utility bills, fuel purchases, routine maintenance or other routine operating costs, or for the purchase of any equipment, structures, or real estate not directly associated with the provision of community energy services.


4. Department of the Interior, National Park Service – FY 18 American Battlefield Protection Program Battlefield Preservation Planning Project Grants

The purpose of this grant program is to provide seed money for projects that lead directly to the identification, preservation, and interpretation of battlefield land or historic sites associated with battlefields.  The ABPP encourages an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to battlefield preservation. Grant proposals for projects that fit into a larger vision for the site are favored. To maximize effectiveness of battlefield protection efforts, applicant organizations are encouraged to work with partner organizations and Federal, State and local government agencies as early as possible to integrate their efforts into a larger battle site protection strategy.

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