Is Live–What You Need to Know

And we’re back! Thank you for your patience. Release 16.1 is up and running, so here is what you need to know:release161-postlaunch-blog

Connect [New] – Improved funding opportunity subscription management, email notifications, and social media access.

Outreach [Moved] – To accommodate the new neighbor, Outreach moved in with Support. The calendar, notices, releases, and other info previously in the Outreach tab can now be found in the Support tab.

Register [Upgraded] – Create an account to utilize the enhanced subscription services. Add a profile to apply for grants.

Copy Workspace [Upgraded] – Copy previous Workspace forms into another Workspace to save time on filling out those forms.

Form Reuse [Expanded] – Copy different versions of a Form into another Workspace.

Workspace Overview pages [Expanded] – Now features scenarios to help you transition to Workspace before the Legacy PDF Application Package retires December 31, 2017.

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