Enjoy the Holidays—See You Next Year

As we on the Grants.gov Community Blog team celebrate the holidays and look forward to what 2018 will bring, we are thankful for those of you who make up the grant community. Our ‘Workspace Wizard’ hats off to you for reading and sharing the information you find useful here.

Happy Holidays from Blog.Grants.gov

We will return with new posts in the New Year, so (if you have not already) subscribe to the blog today to get an email when we publish the “2017 Year in Review: Federal Grant Highlights” in January. If you need your #FundingFriday fix the next two weeks, you can always go to the Search Grants tab or create funding opportunity subscriptions through the Connect tab.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy the Holidays—See You Next Year

  1. Excited about what the new year will bring with Workspace and further enhancements of grants.gov for grant professionals everywhere!

    +Mike C.


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