Relax, Applying with Workspace Is Easier Than You Think

As of late, the question we receive most often here at the Community Blog goes something like this:

As of December 31, we need to begin applying for federal grants using Workspace. What do I need to do in order to transition my organization to the new application method?

You might be surprised to learn that the answer to this question for most is quite simple: Nothing.

There is no special action you need to take – or magic button you need to click – in order to transition your organization to’s Workspace method of applying for a federal grant.

If your organization has at least one person with both a account and the AOR role (virtually all do), then you can create a workspace and begin filling out forms.

If multiple people need to work on the forms, then each person should have a account (registration takes a couple of minutes) if they want to participate in online functionality, such as locking access to forms and filling in webforms.

If you are looking to educate your team about Workspace, we recommend sharing this short video with them:

And when your team is ready to begin applying for a grant, this six-part series of short videos will walk them through every step in the process.

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