Top 5 Blog Posts in 2017

What were the most read blog posts on the Community Blog in 2017 (that weren’t about Workspace)? Let’s jump right into the list:

Top 5 blog posts in 2017

#5 – Exploring Eligibility: Individuals Seeking “Grants” for House Repairs and Federal Grants for Native American Tribal Governments and Organizations

Okay, so this is clearly two different posts, but these two ‘Exploring Eligibility’ posts were very close and, since the What Is a Grant? series cleans up this list, we wanted to share the love.

Key Quote: “[I]t’s important to make a general distinction between individuals (i.e., one person) seeking government assistance and organizations (e.g., a university, state government, or nonprofit) applying for a federal grant.”


#4 – What Is a Formula Grant?

Within the category of “grants,” there are several, more specific types of grants that have important effects on the application process and program implementation. Formula grants, such as those for Medicaid, are an example of this.

Key Quote: “[T]he term ‘formula’ refers to the way the grant funding is allocated to recipients.”


#3 – What Is a Cooperative Agreement?

Cooperative agreements and grants are close relatives in the federal financial assistance family. Imagine if you were in the family with Cooper and Grant. Cooper would be that (wonderful) family member who lives down the street and is always hanging out at your place. Grant lives further away and calls a few times a year for a good, but long, conversation to see how things are going.

Key Quote: “Now the question becomes, what does ‘substantial involvement’ from the federal government entail?”


BONUS! The #1 post you should share on social media to help your friends—Is This a Grant Scam? Lots of people fall victim to scams under the guise of “grants” or other federal benefits. Please share this post to help fight grant scam artists!


#2 – What Is a Grant?

One of our classics and the index case for the What Is a Grant? series.

Key Quote: “A grant is one of the government’s tools for funding ideas and projects to provide public services, stimulate the economy, and benefit the general public.”


#1 – What Is a Block Grant?

This updated block grant post provides fresh examples and an expanded breakdown from the original 2016 version.

Key Quote: “An important distinction to remember with block grants is the difference in ‘eligibility’ for applicants and ‘eligibility’ for beneficiaries.”

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