4 (More) Key Competencies for Grant Professionals

Chief Financial Officers Council logoIn October we shared 5 Key Competencies for Aspiring Federal Grants Management Pros based on the U.S. Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Council’s Financial Assistance Management Career Roadmap. Today, we are continuing with 4 more important elements to your career progression.

For all grant pros, these competencies represent important concepts and responsibilities to know and practice along your career path.

1. Financial Assistance Management

  • Knowledge of statutes, regulations, policies, and procedures of financial assistance programs
  • Develops internal control risk assessments and business line reviews to ensure grants management program performs efficiently and effectively

2. Organizational Awareness

  • Knows the agency’s and organization’s mission and functions, including the strategic plan, structure, technological systems, and leadership
  • Understands external economic, political, and social trends that affect the organization

3. Planning and Evaluation

  • Aligns planning activities to support objectives and/or performance goals of the agency and program mission
  • Monitors progress and evaluates outcomes to inform decisions and accomplish goals

4. Relationship Management

  • Builds relationships that promote effective implementation of financial assistance activities
  • Works with stakeholders to assess their needs, to provide information or technical assistance, and to address their issues

The above competencies and their descriptions have been adapted from page 8 of the CFO Council’s report on the Financial Assistance Management Career Roadmap. Review the CFO Council’s report for more detailed information.