New to Watch Our ‘Intro to’ Videos

The retirement of the Legacy PDF Application Package and the applicant migration to Workspace are bringing many new users to the system.

As a result, some of you may find our Introduction to video series – recently refreshed – particularly helpful.

Besides walking users through the new registration process, the series also explains search features, how to set up saved search notifications, introduces the system’s standard roles, and gives an overview of the application process within Workspace.

We have embedded the complete series playlist below, but you can also access the individual videos by visiting our Applicant Training page.

2 thoughts on “New to Watch Our ‘Intro to’ Videos

  1. Whew, what a relief. This system is so much better than the old PDF way. Thanks for streamlining the process. The video is very helpful too, in many ways. Thanks for making and sharing this video.


  2. Thumbs up for the improved system. This is way better than the PDF. The video is helpful in many ways. Thanks for making and posting the video.


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