Release 16.2 Preview: Custom Roles to Give Applicant Organizations More Control will soon give applicant organizations more control over the roles they can assign to their team members within

Beginning with Release 16.2 in April, organizations will be able to create custom roles and assign these roles to the users affiliated with their organization.

Currently, users can only be assigned the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) role (Standard or Expanded) and/or the Manage Workspace role.

In April, the privileges associated with these roles will be able to be mixed and matched with custom roles that applicant organizations can create and name for their own internal workflows.

The graphic below shows how a custom role might be created (once Release 16.2 goes live) by pulling privileges from the core roles.

Coming Soon - Add Custom Roles in Workspace


Common Questions about Custom Roles

Not every organization will want or need to create custom roles. But those organizations that do will be able to take complete control over who can do what in their application workflow.

The following may address some of your questions about this upcoming enhancement:


Q: Does my organization have to use custom roles?

A: No, they will be completely optional.


Q: Why will the E-Business Point of Contact (EBiz POC) lose privileges with Release 16.2?

A: Release 16.2 removes privileges from the EBiz POC that are better left to core roles. However, the EBiz POC will still be able to manage the organization, the organization’s users (assigning roles) and certificates.


Q: Will we be able to use both roles and custom roles?

A: Yes, core roles will be available to use alongside custom roles.


Q: Will a user with a custom role and the “Submit My Applications” privilege be able to submit any application for the organization?

A: No. A user with a custom role and the “Submit My Applications” privilege will only be able to submit for the opportunities and workspaces where he or she is a participant. In other words, such a user will need to be added to a workspace in order to use that privilege and submit the application. Only users with the “Submit Applications for Organization” privilege will be able to submit an application without being a participant of the related workspace.


Q: Will the AOR role no longer be required in order to submit an application?

A: The AOR role will not be required to submit an application if a workspace has a participant with a custom role and the “Submit My Applications” privilege, or if an organization has a user with a custom role and the “Submit Applications for Organization” privilege. (Note: See the previous question and answer.)


Don’t see your question? Send us an email with your question related to custom roles and we will do our best to answer it.