Go Deep: Adding Subforms to a Grants.gov Workspace

If you’re lucky, your next federal grant application will be pretty straightforward. You will need to complete the SF-424, of course, and then a few additional forms. But – fingers crossed – hopefully you won’t be thrown any curve balls.

One such challenging pitch to hit might be the need to add subforms to a parent form within your workspace.

Adding and completing subforms in Grants.gov Workspace is different than it was in the Legacy PDF Application Package. No longer are subforms extracted from the parent form. In Workspace, subforms are added below the parent form within the Forms tab.

The following instructions walk you step-by-step through the process, in hopes that if you are thrown the ole’ subform curveball on your next application you will recognize it right away and be able to hit it out of the park:

1) From the Manage Workspace page, under the Forms tab, add a checkmark by the parent form to which you need to add subforms. Mandatory forms are checked by default. Manage Subforms link

2) Click the Manage Subforms link under the parent form’s name. (In Release 16.2, this link will become a button, so it will be easier to see.)

3) On the Workspace Subforms pop-up window, click the Add Subform Row button to add a subform. Add Subform Row button

4) Give the subform a name.

5) Click Save and a success message will appear in the Workspace Subforms pop-up window.

6) To begin completing the new subform, click the Download link to download a fillable PDF or click the Webform link to work on the form in your Web browser. (Note: In some cases, the subform will not have a webform version, as some webforms are still being developed and tested.) Download or Webform link

We have also produced a video that walks users through the process of adding subforms to an application.


6 thoughts on “Go Deep: Adding Subforms to a Grants.gov Workspace

  1. Hi- how do we add more than 10 subs? E.g. if we have 11 or 12 subs, how do we add the 11th and 12th sub budget?


    1. The maximum number of subforms is defined by the form, which is determined by the federal agencies when forms are developed. Some forms have a maximum of 10 whereas others are higher; it is based on which form the federal agency selects for inclusion in the funding opportunity. If you have further questions, you may contact the support@grants.gov.


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