Release Preview: Applying Made More Clear in R16.2

Based on community feedback, we are making it easier to start your grant application. After the release goes live April 23rd, you will find a red Apply button on the View Grant Opportunity page regardless of which tab of the funding opportunity announcement you are in.

View Grant Opportunity page

If you are not logged in to, the Apply button will first direct you to log in to, then you can quickly create a workspace to begin your grant application.

Before Release 16.2 goes live, to start your grant application you need to navigate to the View Grant Opportunity page, access the Package tab, click the Apply link in the tab, then click the Create Workspace button. So, this change saves you a couple clicks and some time.

If You Know the Funding Opportunity Number

To make the application process quicker for those who don’t need to use the Search Grants interface, log in to and click the Apply Now link under the Grant Applications section in the left-side navigation. Through the Apply Now link, you can create a new workspace application to save some time. Note: The Apply Now link will only appear to users with the Workspace Manager, Standard AOR, or Expanded AOR role.

Applicant Center page

Quickly Copy a Past Workspace

To save time on future grant applications, you may also copy a past workspace to use for a new application. After logging in, click the Manage Workspaces link (under Apply Now), then search for that past workspace. Click the Copy link and follow the on-screen prompts to forward populate your new workspace application with past data.

There are more updates and changes with Release 16.2, so check out this release preview about the new custom roles or the full release notes here.

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