Release 16.2 Preview: Core Roles and Custom Roles in Workspace

With the coming system update, is adding “custom roles.” We will still have “core roles” (i.e., Workspace Manager, Standard AOR, and Expanded AOR), which the majority of applicant organizations will continue to use.

Custom roles will allow “the privileges associated with these roles…to be mixed and matched with custom roles that applicant organizations can create and name for their own internal workflows.”

If this sounds like it may work better with your grant application process, more detailed information is available in the Release 16.2 Preview: Custom Roles to Give Applicant Organizations More Control post.

Pros and Cons for Using Custom Roles


  • Set privileges in a unique way to align with your organization’s grant workflow
  • Create role names to fit the titles and processes you use


  • Need to develop internal training resources for unique set of functionality
  • Limited online applicant user support

Why? With over 35,000 organizations that apply through, we are unable to develop unique, customized training resources and user support services for the many combinations of privileges within each organization’s custom roles. Instead,’s online resources will focus on the core roles identified above.

There will, however, be instructions and support that explain how to create and manage custom roles. For those of your colleagues assigned custom role(s), you will need to consider developing your own training and instructional resources based on your custom roles.

Click the graphic of sample custom roles below for a larger, easier-to-read view.

Coming Soon - Add Custom Roles in Workspace