Has a New Resource for Applicants and Grantors – Discuss!

The latest release simplified the process for creating a workspace and also introduced a mobile app to boot. But that’s not all!

Registered users can now contribute to and collaborate in the discussion forum. Just login to, then click the Discussion Forum link under the Connect tab. Discussion Forum banner

Here’s what you will find in the forum:

  • A list of categories under which you can post comments or questions and address those left by other users
  • A subscribe option that will let you receive notifications when someone posts to a specific thread of interest to you
  • A ranking system that helps to identify the most active and reliable contributors

We invite you to contribute to the grants community and help foster a welcoming, respectful discussion. Keep in mind that all posts and comments are viewable by registered users who are logged in and inside the forum. Comments published to the forum will be visible almost immediately, but they will be subject to a review by forum moderators. Comments can also be flagged by users.

Why Use the Discussion Forum?

Below are just a few of the reasons you might want to consider using the forum:

  • The Applicant and Grantor System-to-System (S2S) communities can use their threads to collaborate and share best practices
  • Grant-making agencies can create their own sponsored threads to facilitate funding opportunity- or application-related conversations with applicants
  • Applicants new to the federal grants world can ask fellow users for tips and technical advice
  • Experienced applicants can share resources with the community

You can probably think of other ways that the forum can benefit the community, and that’s great! The Discussion Forum is for registered users like you.

Remember, though, that the discussion forum is not a substitute for the Support Desk. We still encourage applicants to email ( or call (1-800-518-4726) Support when in need of application assistance.

10 thoughts on “ Has a New Resource for Applicants and Grantors – Discuss!

  1. Hi my names Ray i’m a patient of growing problems, i have a disfunction, and i have no help, i’ve been even told to be turned over and nothing have been solve for my condition, please find me a cure or relief with the grants is my hope to try at the edge were it has taken me for years.

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    1. There are typically no Grants available for single individuals on as it acts as a resource and clearinghouse for Federal Grants. You can use the site to determine what Federal programs that may help meet your need but you would have to know who was awarded to even know who can help. I suggest you contact your local Housing Authority , City, County Offices and see if they have any resources to assist you. I would also contact United Way as they work with local nonprofits that may have programs to assist you.

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  2. My husband and I have a home for homeless pregnant women and women with young children. We are buying this home but we need a heat pump and a new roof. We are located on AL. We have applied for grants but have not received one. Does location make a difference in receiving a grant? Will thereceive be more grants for the homeless?

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  3. Am a student and also doing some small scale business, pls I want you to help me with my business because I want enlarged it to large scale business. Am new here and looking forward for a positive result


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