The Grants Community | #GrantChat Highlights Part 1

As our blog name suggests, we are all about connecting and supporting the federal grants community. On May 1st, we had a great time during the weekly #GrantChat on Twitter. In the #GrantChat Highlights 5-part series, we will recap key questions and share your contributions to the community.

Connect with the grants community on #grantchat

What is the “grants community”? What does it mean to you?

We refer to the grants community often, so it’s important to reflect on and define what we – and other members of the community – mean:

What do you recommend a person do on Day 1 when they enter the “grants world”?

Federal grants can be a lot to learn quickly, so we want to provide resources to make it easier to understand grants and hit the ground running for new grant professionals.

Here are recommendations from a few of your professional peers as well:

Thank you to all who contributed! To review the whole discussion, search for the hashtag #grantchat on Twitter.

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